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Our Trained and Certified Filtration Professionals will diagnose your water problem, and find the right solution to fit your needs and your budget. Whether for home or office, look no further than Long Island Clean Water Service. Any Questions? For a free consultation, drop us a line and one of our associates will gladly give you all the information you need.

Is Your Water Clean?

If you’re on a well, you never know what’s in your water — anything from sediment to sea otters. Then there are the homeowners on city water who may not be aware of any need for treatment. Of course, they definitely know that “swimming pool” taste and odor which is why they spend hundreds a year on bottled water products.

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Whole Home Filtration Systems

A whole home water filtration system is installed on the main water line, and filters all water dispensers in the home.


Drinking Water Filtration Systems

A water line is connected to a filter made of layers of sand and gravel, and in some cases, crushed anthracite.


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Learn more about the many water filtration systems that are available for your home and business.

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Long Island Clean Water has been bringing it back to pure since 1985. Read our recent uncensored customer reviews, and learn how we have helped protect Long Island families for as little as $1 per day.

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